(VIDEO) Fabrice André and his electric recumbent trike, 50kph and 270km range


Fabrice is an engineer but above all inventor, his Refuge from the “Col de Sarenne” near the Alpe d'Huez perched at 2000 meters of altitude, also called the Mountains' Treasure is full of ecological ideas and solutions in search for an energetic independence.

His last installation to date is a vertical axis wind turbine with variable geometry that adapts to any kind of wind.

It was therefore natural for his short trips and tours that Fabrice André turned to electric vehicles, a recumbent electric tricycle which adopts the technology of slow discharge where the battery discharge in another battery to provide up to 270km of range.

Here is the demonstration of the vehicle and a tour of the Refuge

Fabrice André also has a Volteis electric car

See more details on his Refuge on  Refuge7.com

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