(VIDEO) French classic Citroen Mehari gets an EV Conversion


The company Mehari Loisirs has developed an electric version of the famous Citroën Mehari, seashores icon since 1968...

The popularity of these vehicles is such that many companies offer to fully recreate Meharis from new parts, this is the case of Mehari Loisirs which has also designed the first fully transparent Mehari body.


To transform its engine to meet more contemporary requirements and make it more environmentally friendly, Mehari Loisirs has created this Mehari Concept-E prototype, it features an electric motor developing 15kW in peak (20hp) and can receive from 4.5 to 13.5kWh of battery for a range going from 45 to 130km.

On board, apart from gauges specific to electric propulsion and an integrated tablet, it remains classic.

For next summer between the Little 4, Moke eMk6 you'll have few options to drive a Green Classic on the coast...

Picture credit Etienne MUSSLIN
Par Technologic Vehicles
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