Infiniti M35h GT Premium: series techie


Typical Japanese, do not expect ostentatiousness, look for delicatness in lines carved by aerodynamics.

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The interior is a cocoon, on the whole car, we barely managed to count on the fingers of one hand the non-flattering plastics while the Japanese lacquered ash and sprinkled with silver powder further enhances the luxury feeling.

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The comfort on board is worthy of the best German –in more cozy- like the headliner or door panels of the 2012 version...

Engine and specifications

It is when the engine goes into play that you really take the full dimension of the car, bestial. The torque is amazing, the hybrid version is more performant but also more economical than the M37 or M30d.

Indeed, the M35h offers 364hp while being lighter than the diesel version (15kg less) despite the battery which encroaches on the trunk (now offering 350litres) but thanks to the hybrid system allows to announce emissions of 159g/km.

Four driving modes are available, sport, normal, eco and snow. The 7-speed box is smooth, and in sequential you realize the power and sound of its V6.

The regenerative braking is almost imperceptible at the accelerator release, an accelerator that makes the balance between electric and hybrid power from a pressure greater than 20%. The ECO mode provides a superior resistance of the pedal.


On-board, the Infiniti M35h’s technologies are well controlled, non-intrusive, the one you notice at first in city use is the automatic braking that avoids last-minute surprises, first a bip warns you and the brake pedal gets more responsive.

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In this GT Premium trim, the list of technologies is long, automatic braking, lane departure warning, blind spot warning, intelligent cruise control...

The GPS is easy to use and provides clear indications of the way, with 3D representation of lanes and even shows the surroundings! Impressive in Paris for example...

A discrete sound to warns passers in electric mode, a system called VSP that works below 50kph, in reverse the sound is however discreet...


On the highway at a steady speed of 120kph consumption hovers around 7l/100km, while in town frequent stop and starts increase the fuel consumption over 10l/100km despite the electric motor.

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Available from € 55,090 in GT trim, only one additional option is on the brochure, the pack Connectiviti+ priced at 2400€.

The GT Premium that we tested here is available at € 61 090 full-option, only special colors add € 950 to the bill.
That changes from the standards of the segment!

News for Infiniti in 2013 

In early 2013 a hybrid version of the G will be presented with sporty features, about the hybrid FX, still no official announcement but the hybridization of the brand’s famous SUV seems to be planned for 2014 ... A sports-car has also been announced for the Detroit Auto Show Detroit, remains to be seen if the electrification will be part of the plan... To be continued!
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