(VIDEO) Series model for the Australian electric motorcycle – Catavolt S6


Catavolt is an Australian company that develops a race electric motorcycle tested in the TTXGP Australian / eFXC, just like other companies such as Lightning, eCRP, Zero Motorcycles or Brammo who test their products under extreme conditions via racing.


After showing it was track-proof then its acceleration and pure speed capabilities, the team Catavolt revealed last week to the local press the production version of their electric motorcycle, the Catavolt S6, derived from the racing model.

The Catavolt S6 is equipped with a 20kW in-wheel motor located in the rear wheel (switchable for an optional 40kW) range is announced at 80km on the highway and 150km in the city for a total weight of 165kg. It is now available in Australia and priced at $ 18,000 AUS, € 14,432 at today’s exchange rate.

Catavolt_S6 (4).jpg

As a reminder Australia already has a range of efficient and innovative vehicles like the M3E, Commodore EV, Arcspeed, Varley EVR450 or the compressed air motorbike prototype O2 Pursuit ... What a sweet garage that would be!

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