(VIDEO) HSB, 2.0 hybrid mobylette


Here is a novelty that is presented in the alleys of the 2012 LA Auto Show, the Hybrid Sports Bicycle or HSB, a working prototype developed by Thomas Bubilek for over a year and a half.


Simply put, Thomas has added a combustion engine to an electric bike in order to travel greater distances or to offer an alternative once the battery is depleted.

Vehicle designer, Thomas created the first "tri-hybrid" two-wheeler that can either run on electricity, gasoline or human energy (pedaling).


Its design is original, neo-retro with a dynamic and innovative frame that contrasts with the flyscreen and bobber seat giving it Harley Road King looks.

The electric motor is located in the rear wheel and the battery in the front wheel, while the gasoline engine is under the frame for an improved center of gravity.


The final specs sheet remains a mystery (HSB is currently looking for investors) but top speed is announced at 110kph (70mph).

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