(VIDEO) Fiat 500e, specifications and gallery

Update of November 28th article with the car's first commercial.

After a long wait, the Fiat 500e finally makes its official debut at the 2012 LA Auto Show.


Last week Fiat revealed the first image with of an orange livery, we then understood that for the Italian manufacturer electric needed to be tart - fortunately if you prefer discretion, other colors more traditional will be available but with customization options, orange stickers of course to match the interior.


Its electric motor develops 111hp for 200nm of torque for a range listed at 130km (80 miles).

More than a updated packaging with an electric power-train, the electric Fiat 500 has been completely redesigned with many passages in wind tunnels to reduce the drag coefficient from 0.359 to 0.311, 12 changes other changes of the design or drive-train have been made for an optimum driving silence along with 35 functions of active and passive safety.
Finally the chassis has also been revised with new suspensions.
A smartphone application to monitor charging is also used an board computer and helps control the vehicle functions remotely (air conditioning, opening and closing of the doors ...), you can even manage your notifications.

2013_Fiat_500e_app (5).jpg2013_Fiat_500e_app (6).jpg

Not to disrupt the U.S. market accustomed to automatic gearboxes, the car will have a function called "creep", the car will start “smoothly” when you take your foot off the brake, like a conventional automatic transmission.

Unfortunately, according to the latest available information, the Fiat 500e should not be marketed in Europe ... Its price is announced at $ 35,000 or $ 25,000 after tax incentives.

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