(VIDEO) Trike courier, a day with The Green Link


We followed Rodolphe, an employee of the company The Green Link for a morning tour.

The green link is a company that has a fleet of white label electrically assisted trikes, offering its services to delivery companies.


Bike courier on small distances (average radius of 5km) is no stress, no problem for parking, no pollution, no tickets, and the possibility to use bus and bicycle lanes... The gain in productivity is evident for express delivery!

Each courier makes an average of 50 deliveries on a morning tour of 3 to 4 hours, and, as they often deliver the same customers, their contact with customer recalls the one of old-fashioned postman.

About The Green Link

Founded by Michael Darchambeau, sustainability is a vocation for him, with his engineering background, he was initially specialized in the design of hybrid systems to electrify geographical areas not connected to the grid, and worked at the European Commission in the department of renewable energy before starting GreenLink in 2009.

Given that 30% of the inner-city traffic is due to the transport of goods, the idea was to provide a solution to decongest the city and provide a last km solution to delivery companies.


With an associate, they started with their own funds and quickly received support from a bank and then an investment fund, Pole Capital who came in last July to accelerate the development.

About the electric assisted trike

The bike is built in France, in Lyon, it provides three levels of assistance, can support up to 300kg payload and/or 2m3
Each unit costs 8,000 to € 10,000 and is manufactured in about 8 weeks.

The future of The Green Link

To mesh Paris in the most efficient way possible, a second warehouse of 100m2 has been put into service on the docks in Paris, and a third is planned for June 2013. The fleet of 27 trikes should be doubled by next year.
Once Paris fully meshed, The Green Link wishes to develop in other dense capitals...

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