(VIDEO) BioRace, a project of urban racing with electric vehicles


Open-wheeler, monocoque, biopolymer, electric motor and power/weight ratio of 2.16kg/hp, here are the specifications of Domteknika’s the latest creation an electric car designed for a new kind of racing, the BioRace.

Domteknika is a Swiss company to which we owe interesting vehicles such as the SAM Cree or the SOFTCAR Upgo ...

Once again, they teamed-up with Diedre Design to present a vehicle with an impressive specs sheet!


This streamlined tricycle has fully recyclable body, it  is dubbed BioRace and produces an unmatched power-weight ratio with 80kW in peak (107hp) and 1400nm of torque for a weight of only 230kg (battery included), or better that an Ariel Atom for example ...

The range is announced at 30-minutes in race conditions with a top speed of 180kph. Enough to ensure the show with this lightweight and efficient vehicle.


With this vehicle, Domteknika announces the launch a championship, urban, indoor and at night that will show the pilot’s skills. One thing is sure, we are eager to see a demonstration of this machine!

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