(VIDEO) Mahle presents a range extender in an Audi A1


While our dreams of Audi A1 e-tron were fading away last September with the dual mode hybrid technology that would eventually be favored by Audi, the subcontractor Mahle has introduced a technology demonstrator based on the Audi A1.


Mahle has developed a range extender (no mechanical link between the engine and the wheels) based on a 900cc twin cylinder that serves as a generator with a power output of 30kW. Associated with a 14kWh battery, it allows to the Audi A1 Mahle 70km of pure electric range and 500 km of combined range for emissions just below 45g/km, while maintaining a max speed of 145kph.

Mahle_Audi_A1_rev (2).jpg

Their technology -which meets the Euro 6 standard- is very compact and easily takes place in the engine compartment, while the battery is located under the rear seats and in the trunk thanks to a tank reduced by 25l, therefore the weight of whole system adds only 200kg to the car.

To get deeper in the specs of this Audi A1 Mahle, the electric motor produces 55kW in continuous and 100kW in peak and is fitted with a two-speed gearbox. Consumption is announced at 2l/100km for a 0-100kph in 12 seconds.

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