Matra presents an electric trike prototype


Building on the success of its electric bike range, Matra MS continues to innovate with its range of electric scooters and just introduced a new prototype of electric tricycle designed an utility vehicle.

The company Matra MS sold 5000 pedelecs in France last year, one sixth of the national market! A market that will triple in the next three years according to Jacques Bonneville, President of Matra MS who began to work on electric propulsion more than 10 years ago.

This pioneering position of Matra places them as the leader of the national electric scooter market -despite relatively low volumes with 1500 sales per year- thanks to with its range Matra e-Mo and its cross and side-car variants...


To increase sales, Jacques Bonneville decided to turn to a more dynamic segment, professionals with a half MP3, half C-1 electric trike that offers stability and a protection bubble.

Very few information is available on this prototype (that does not even have an official name) but note that its Lithium HD batteries will be manufactured in France.
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