Two new design bicycles for Kia (KVelo by Peter Schreyer)


Did you know that Kia also builds bicycles since the 40s? The Korean manufacturer has handed over its two latest models to their chief designer Peter Schreyer who came-back with two options, for a demonstration of style on two wheels, an extension of Kia’s brand identity.

These bikes juggle between design and functionality, the first version is minimalist, the KVelo Speed, the other accessorized, the KVelo City.


The KVelo Speed is an hybrid urban bike midway between the folding bike and classic bike with its 20-inch wheels and aluminum frame. Available in single speed, its weight is kept under 10kg at 9.2kg.


The KVelo City is more functional and versatile, based on the same design as the Speed, it features an additional 11-speed in-hub transmission, a luggage rack and mudguards, its weight is slightly higher at 11.8kg.

Kia_KVelo_City (2).jpg

For the moment there are only available in Korea a respective prices of $ 1,100 and $ 1,500.
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