(VIDEO) Scott H9C, a custom electric bike by Danny Schneider


To promote its electric bicycles branch, Scott presented a one-off bike at the 2012 Eurobike Show.


The idea was to customize a series pedelec, the Scott E-Sportster and for this they trusted Danny Schneider a former FMX biker and specialist of two-wheels, mainly motorcycles.

With its company Hard Nine Choppers, Danny developed the Scott H9C a unique elegant e-bike drawing both on the Chopper and fixed gear culture.

Scott_H9C_by_DannySchneider (1).jpg

As a reminder, the Scott E-Sportster is powered by a Bosch kit (the lightest on the market with 6.5kg ) with a motor located under the crank-set and a 300Wh Lithium Ion battery placed on the frame that recharges in 2.5h

Scott_H9C_by_DannySchneider (1).jpg

The Scott H9C receives a specific Gold color, unique fork and handle-bar and a series of Brooks accessories (saddle and bag).

After the theory here is a demo of the bike on the track with a dean of the discipline behind the handlebar...

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