(VIDEO) Specifications of the new Ferrari Enzo, hybrid V12 and 1270kg (F150) + price update

Update of November 19th article with the official video reveal that took place today in Geneva.

Ferrari teases Enzo's replacement for many months, first, test-mules have been surprised, then Ferrari revealed the structure of the new Enzo at the Paris Motor Show, a carbon fiber shell that weighs only 70kg, now it's time to discover its specs sheet and design.

LaFerrari_F150_Geneva (1).jpg

First, instead of calling logically calling it the F70, the new Enzo will bear the code name F150 as the Formula 1, only 499 units will be produced... The new Enzo is also called "LaFerrari"


Indeed, the Ferrari F150 is fitted with an hybrid V12 for emissions reduced by 40%!

In detail, this supercar of only 1270kg will be powered by the brand new F12’s V12 developing 740hp (upgraded to 800hp) already, and coupled to an electric motor providing an extra 150hp!

The performances expected are the 0 to 100kph in 3 seconds, 0 to 200kph in 7 seconds and a 370kph max speed...

LaFerrari_F150 (7).jpg

The small Lithium Ion battery will not allow the car to drive in electric-only driving but the electric motor is installed as a performance booster while allowing reduced emissions and fuel consumption.

First deliveries of the new Enzo will happen in December, price is announced at €1.2 million!

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