(VIDEO) Electric chopper motorcycle by Shiun, Japan: easy EV rider


Our find of the week takes us to Japan to discover Shiun Craft Works, a motorcycle modification and customization workshop based in Hyogo, near Kobe.


In 2001 Shiun developed a custom motorcycle, a driveable concept called "What's Chopper" designed for the standing start that set a record on the ¼ mile (400meters) with 12,210 seconds.

10 years after, its creator wanted to transform this bike while keeping its radical style, the "Choppers Forever" was born and the V-Twin gave way to an electric motor.


After a year of development the "Choppers Forever" has been presented in an event organized by Cool Breaker in Yokohama. In the middle of combustion Custom motorcycles, the only electric bike had not only a pedigree but also a specs sheet with a 72V AC motor developing a peak torque of 104.4nm, allowing it to reach speeds of 205kph!

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