Review Kia Rio EcoDynamics - 85hp 1.1CRDi


The evolution and dynamism of Kia are surprising, as proof their design and engines designed for the old continent.

In the Rio EcoDynamics their 1.1CRDi three cylinder engine is a reference for the compact segment with emissions of only 85g/km and consumption of 3.7l/100km with 85hp and 170nm of torque.

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Interior and handling

The controls are intuitive, despite plastics slightly too raw, the overall presentation is at the level of the compact class increasingly over-equipped.

Its handling is surprising, the chassis of the Korean is good, even with low rolling resistance tires - thanks to a suspension that finds the right balance between comfort and handling.

The rear window is a little small but not really uncomfortable for visibility

Kia_Rio_EcoDynamics (10).JPG

Consumption and engine

In this EcoDynamics trim the Rio features the Start & Stop, in the city it turns to be very frugal with consumption observed under 4.9l/100km (being reasonable with gas pedal).

The Start & Stop also reduces vibrations inherent to diesel engines.
On the highway we came very close to the figure announced with 3.8l per 100km at a constant speed between 90 and 110kph and between 4.4 to 4.5l per 100km between 120 and 130kph.

Kia_Rio_EcoDynamics (10).JPG


Frugal engine, nice exterior design, functional and intuitive interior that could earn a little soul and finesse...

Price from € 14,090 for the Rio 1.1CRDi EcoDynamics 85g/km.
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