Terra Motors, Japanese electric two-wheelers on their way to Philippines


Terra Motors is a Japanese company, not very famous in Europe, they are the leaders of the local market with their electric scooter Bizmo also available in version utility /delivery and called Bizmo Press with special accessories.


Founded two years ago, they have sold 3,000 units in 2011 and intend to benefit from the expansion of the Asian market like China that increased from 270,000 units in 2000 to more than 20 million in 2011!

The company expands its markets gradually and chose the Philippines, on this occasion they presented a trike concept, a vehicle very popular locally and part of the decor.


The Philippine government has also launched a sustainable mobility project -funded partly by development banks – aiming at the replacement of combustion trikes by electric tricycles via a leasing solution (lease to own) and with an initial volume of 100.000 trikes, a drop of water compared to the 3.5 million in circulation at the moment but an important step!


This concept named Terra Motors E-Trike should be available from next year. Next generation Tuk-tuk, it has a cool design and interesting performances: it can welcome up to 7 people (including the pilot) at a speed of 55kph and for 80km.
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