BMW i4, a concept-car at the 2012 LA Auto Show?


We announced already more than a year ago the expansion projects for the range BMWi with the i4 and i5, respectively electric coupe and sedan.

This information is confirmed today with the announcement (yet unofficial) of the reveal of a BMW i4 concept at the LA Auto Show “more fashionable and sporty " imagined below as a coupe version of the i3 but that may introduce a new design.


For the moment the BMW i4 will only be a concept with no intentions of production yet.

For the record, the BMW i3 is powered by the 170hp BMW ActiveE motor, it will feature an optional range extender named REx or E-Rex that will be based on the brand’s three cylinders or possibly a motorcycle engine...

Stay tuned, the LA Auto Show begins at the end of November.

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