New FX coming soon with hybrid powertrain? (FX35h)


During our interview with François BANCON at the Paris Motor Show -already previewed our article on the Infiniti LE Concept- we got another interesting announcement...

The new FX is expected for 2013-2014 and will (finally) be offered in a hybrid variant, probably based on the M35h powertrain, Infiniti will then play in the same field as its direct competitor, the Lexus RX450h sold in hybrid only.

For the record, the M35h is the world’s fastest hybrid sedan according to the Guinness Book of Records, and with 364hp for 350nm of torque, that would be more than enough for the FX!

About the plug-in hybrid technology and its environmental performances, Francois BANCON estimates that even if it is inevitable, for both Nissan and Infiniti at the medium term, at this stage of development it triggers a too important weight increase, making the technology ineffective / inefficient, especially in an SUV... 
Yet this solution is already adopted by Mitsubishi in the Outlander PHEV and in the Volvo XC-60 Plug-in

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