(VIDEO) Spiked cycles, stylished and custom e-bikes become affordable


Here is a new Dutch brand launched this year, Spiked Cycles, a company created by two partners, Ronald Tam and Gertjan de Ruijter.

Spiked Cycles offers a range of pedelecs, five models from two frames design, Sport or Open.

Thanks to their online configurator everything is customizable, only the two motors (one in each wheel), the battery and the fork with shock-absorber remain constant, otherwise, you can choose all the accessories for your bike, from the fenders to the color of the crank-set through the transmission system (2 speed in kick-shift or a conventional 5-speed), even the riding positions are configurable via interchangeable handlebar and saddle, 90 °, 60 °, 40 ° or 30 ° inclination.


Small detail that proves the level of customization possible, vou can fit a plate on the frame with an inscription of your choice! This plate is also offered in a very Dutch format… With a bottle opener!

SpikedCycles_plate (2).jpgSpikedCycles_plate.jpg

The first model is the RAW 7005 Racer priced from € 1995 for which only two versions are available. However all the other models are configurable, prices range from € 1,995 to € 2,444 for the frame Open accessorized.


Unfortunately, the company is focusing for the moment on the local market and its beautiful website is only available in Dutch ...

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