(VIDEO) Ha:mo, Toyota starts electric car-sharing with the COMS in Japan

Update of October 1st article with new images and a video introduction to the service

The first test phase of the "Harmonious mobility network" or Ha:mo began today in Japan. This service is divided in two, an application and a service of electric car-sharing, Ha:mo Ride and Ha:mo Navi, a service of urban mobility optimization  taking into account public transport and traffic.


Ha:mo Navi, the application is already running, it allows multimodal routes, check the availability of parking spaces and traffic.


Ha:mo Ride, for the beginning, four stations have been put in operation in Toyota City with the COMS EVs two at Chukyo University and near Nagoya and Kaizu railway stations. Ten cars are available in one-way travel for a hundred of members and free of charge for the first year of service!


Both services are bound to converge and develop a more efficient mobility.

After this first phase, the service will be extended at 10 to 20 stations, 100 vehicles and 1,000 members, Ha:mo will then be charged, and Yamaha electric two-wheelers (EC-03) could also be added to this mobility offer.

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