Renault Zoé makes technology transparent


On the occasion of Renault’s Innovation Days, two technologies developed specifically for their compact electric car -to maximize its range- have been detailed.

The idea is that the driver does not have to change its driving habits so that the transition from combustion to electric is simple.

1. Uncoupled braking was developed with Bosch, in short it features a distributor that automatically optimizes the energy regeneration, distributing the braking needs between the electric motor and mechanical braking where a lot of energy is lost in heat.

Two advantages: energy recovery is 2 to 3 times stronger that the conventional deceleration of an electric car, and in use, the Renault Zoe will require less anticipation and energy management.


2. Reversible heat pump, unlike a conventional heating system used in combustion engines that produce heat, heat is drawn from the exterior and allows ratios of 1Kw energy consumed for 2kW of heat and 3kW of cold, instead of a 1 for 1 achieved normally.

For the user a standard control panel -as in standard air conditioning- with a pre-conditioning feature accessible by pressing a single button or remotely via R-Link.


With these innovations Renault managed to make the most of the battery’s kWh and annouces from to 120km to 200km of range depending on the use, first press tests of the car scheduled for late 2012, early 2013 should confirm this easily.

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