(VIDEO) A cardboard bike, Izhar Gafni proves that it is possible


You think it is impossible to make a cardboard bike? So take a look at the prototype developed by Izhar Gafni on his spare time.

Sometimes you see a project and you think that whoever came up with it is great. This is the case of Izhar Gafni, an engineer who works in industrial design. He had the idea of using one of the most common materials to make a bike, the cardboard.


It was a real challenge because if this paper-derived is light, it’s not exactly the strongest. Therefore Izhar patiently developed techniques of folding, gluing and coating to provide rigidity and waterproofing as seen in the video below.

The result is surprising because not only does it drive but it is also cool in design. Almost entirely made of cardboard, the prototype reminds some "fixies", these fixed gear bikes who do not know what freewheel means. The style of the Cardboard Bike Project is sleek and inevitably catches the eye.

Made with easily recyclable materials and costing virtually nothing to buy, the designer ensures that it costed him 9 to 12€ but remains shy on the number of hours spent on the building... Commercialization is not yet in the agenda but does not seem out of reach.

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