(VIDEO) Bluebird City, diesel priced electric utility vehicle has swappable batteries


The name of Bluebird certainly recalls something to you, it was worn by the prototypes developed by Sir Malcolm Campbell's family including the Bluebird BE-3 that holds the speed record for an electric car in the UK.


Still highly interested in technology, its descendants now use the name to develop electric vehicles, whether simple prototype or with a more commercial future as the Bluebird Electric City, created via the company EV Innovations.

The idea for this utility vehicle is a flexible truck with multiple configurations, both in terms of bodywork and powertrain. It will be offered "at a price equivalent to a diesel vehicle" and its batteries can be exchanged in 3 minutes.

Three initial configurations :

-City 1, top speed of 40mph (65kph) for 40 miles of range (65km)
-City 2, top speed of 56mph (90kph) for 40 miles range expandable to 75 miles (120km) with an optional battery pack
-City Custom, speed up to 70mph (112kph), 400miles (644km) range and towing capacity up to 80 tons.


Here is a demonstration of the vehicle in motion, unfortunately there isn’t much information available on the battery swap system.

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