Zinc-Air Battery, Eos Energy says 70kWh for 12000$, good for 340 miles!


The company Eos Energy Storage will offer Zinc Air batteries from the year 2013.
Technology developed and tested in laboratory for several years, this battery technology offers a good energy density with a lower production cost and environmental impact.


Developed for domestic, commercial and automotive storage, the 700 to $ 1,000 per kWh for Lithium-Ion are here equivalent to $ 160 per kWh for the Aurora 1000 Technology. The raw material, Zinc is abundant, easy to extract and mostly, non-toxic ...

Eos’ Zinc Air technology Aurora 1000 announces 10.000 charge cycles or 30 years of operation while providing a faster recharge than the Lithium.

In an automotive application Eos announces that a 70kWh battery would cost $ 12,000 for a range of 300 to 340 miles (482 to 547km).

Eos Energy is also developing the Vista Zinc Air flow battery technology that enables refueling instead of recharging, a fuel cell based on Zinc.
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