(VIDEO) Protoscar Lampo3, toward a small production run?!


We present Protoscar’s prototypes since 2010. Initially simple technology demonstrators, as we had hoped, this beautiful and powerful Lampo3 could see (small) series production.

Protoscar_LAMPO3 (8).jpg 

As its name suggests, the Lampo3 is the third prototype presented by Protoscar, the culmination of three years of development (with the company EVTEC) and more than 40.000km of testing on open roads across Europe.

Seen at the Michelin Challenge Bibendum in Berlin after a presentation in Zurich last year, the electric sports-car has evolved since. Compared with the initial prototype, the chassis has been modified by ThyssenKrupp and becomes lighter and stiffer, the battery gets a 10kWh upgrade, provided by Akasol it fits in the center tunnel.

Protoscar_LAMPO3 (5).jpg

Protoscar_LAMPO3 (6).JPG

With no update on the subject the power of 550hp for 900nm seems unchanged.

The interior (visible in the animation below) is tweaked to be closer to a production version, elegant and high-tech with LCD screens and carbon fiber.

The market seeks for the new reference in electric sports-car, the new Tesla Roadster with an obvious dynamism, as the 67 cars in our database suggest!

Ernst & Young has been commissioned to identify potential partners for small series production of this Swiss Made car, to be continued ...

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