Pius kitcar, the human scale MiniZ (DIY EV)


Modi Corp. has just introduced a micro electric car in kit to build yourself -a DIY EV- which will be launched next year in Japan.

ModiCorp_Pius_kitcar (4).jpg 

More than just a vehicle, Modi Corp. designed the Pius Kitcar as a tool for engineers, a working basis. A vehicle for educational purposes to teach them fundamentals on electric vehicles, the Pius can also be seen as an open-source vehicle, allowing to test components and configurations.

With 2.5m long, 1.23m wide and 88.5cm high this one-seater micro-car that is road legal locally –registered as a motorized bicycle with its 35kph top speed for a range of 25km.

ModiCorp_Pius_kitcar (4).jpg 

Sent as a kitcar, your challenge is to build it in your garage.
No official price yet but we know that at its release in Spring 2013 it will be available in six colors.
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