The Roskva Electric makes the pilot surf on carbon fiber!


100% electric 80% CF, after first sketches and preliminary specs sheet in May, the 5 Norwegian students of the UMB just revealed their electric motorcycle and its body made entirely in carbon fiber with an optimized Cx, a design dictated by aerodynamics and a pilot that literally floats in the air on a carbon seat.


Most of the parts are made of carbon to minimize the weight of the Roskva Electric: self-supporting monocoque frame weighting only 25kg but also, battery containers, swingarm and even wheels.


Two electric motors provide a total output of 94hp to achieve a top speed of 180kph while the 6kWh battery provides a range of 100km.

We would be curious to know its total weight, as between the abundance of carbon and the relatively small battery the Roskva Electric must be among the lightest electric bikes on the market.

This bike is a technology demonstrator and is unlikely to be mass produced ... 
It remains to see the beast in action to be 100% convinced!
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