(VIDEO) How to say Fluence ZE in Korean? Renault Samsung SM3 ZE!


Revealed at the Busan Auto Show in South Korea (BIMOS), the SM3 ZE is the result of local developments and partnerships, particularly with LG Chem, which provides a 24kWh Lithium Ion battery. 


With the SM3 ZE, Renault Samsung Motors (RSM) launches its first electric car that will be available in 2013. Apart from the battery pack that announces an additional 2kWh of capacity, its characteristics are identical to those of the Fluence:
182km of range, electric motor of 95hp and 220nm of torque for a top speed of 135kph. 
In terms of design, only the front end differs with a redesigned grille. 

RSM_SM3_ZE (2).jpg 

The RSM ZE is also equipped with the “Quick drop” technology (see Better Place) allowing to exchange a depleted battery pack for a full one in just a few seconds.
No information regarding its price has been revealed yet.

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