Jaguar XKX Concept: retro inspiration with futuristic technology


Pure designer product, this XKX (which, by the way, is not an official Jaguar concept) won’t hit the showrooms, however, several solutions presented in this concept could be adopted soon by some manufacturers.


First mirrors, they fold like a triptych in the body and more specifically the doors. Indeed, according to a UK study from 2009, the mirrors are the second most vandalized element after paint.
Jaguar_XKX_Concept (1).jpgJaguar_XKX_Concept (8).jpg 

Then, aerodynamics is at the heart of the project.
Main innovation, a thin layer of piezoelectric cells cover the body: in contact with the material, the air pressure produces electricity which is then redistributed in the vehicle’s batteries.
The air flow is optimized, it enters via the front grille, then move along the doors, providing better cooling and a lower aerodynamic drag

Jaguar_XKX_Concept (7).jpg 

Imagined by Marin Myftiu, this electric roadster has been designed as a continuation of the oldest Jaguar, it draws on the roadsters’ lines from the 60 to 80’s.

The XKX combines elegance and sportiness, in the direct wake of Jaguar’s recent eco-sport vehicles like the extended range Supercar C-X75 or the C-X16 hybrid sports-car.
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