(VIDEO) M3E, the tilting electric trike, a Australian postman dream


After a prototype spotted a few weeks ago, today we discover this three-wheeled motorbike, the Deliver-E Trike in video.

Trike designed to go anywhere, the M3E looks like a motocross at the front, while at the rear two independent arms mounted on shock absorbers offer more stability compared to a conventional motorcycle.


Designed by Simon Williams, the inventor worked as a postman (on bike) for 18 months to properly identify their needs. Thus the M3E is specially designed for postal workers, the goal is to simplify their lives: no more gears, no noise or smell and more safety!

The current prototype weighs 120kg, it is powered by 5kW coming from in-wheel motors located in the rear wheels, it reaches 80kph with a range of 60km.

For the moment we do not know if the inventor has found the funds needed for production...
Stay tuned!

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