Tata Motors: second phase of development for the compressed air cars (MDI)


Tata Motors announced this week that they had completed the first phase of development with the integration of MDI’s technology in two Tata Motors vehicles.

The Indian company will be able to proceed to the second phase of the program, the industrialization and commercialization, both as a motor for vehicles but also for stationary applications "within a few years"!

That the path of industrialization of compressed-air cars (or engine air) is tough!
On the MDI side first expected in 2010, the arrival on the market of their AirPod is expected this year.

Ditto for Tata, which plans to market a city vehicle offering a max speed of 80kph with a range of 130km, and according to some rumors, its code name could be "Mini CAT" and its price around $ 8000 (366.000 Rupees).

At the inception of this cooperation, a 2007 agreement with a license from MDI to Tata Motors, allowing them to use their technology in India.

According to Guy Negre, founder of MDI in 1991, the vehicle "will be four times cheaper than electric cars and will take two minutes to fill with compressed air".

Article by Quentin Maizières
Par Technologic Vehicles
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