(VIDEO) Beijing 2012 : Chery @ANT, platooning-bound concepts

The Chinese carmaker Chery presents an original concept-car at Auto China, indeed the @ANT can link vehicles to form a wagon.

Chery_@ANT_platooning (2).JPG 

Sometimes on the highway you form a "wagon" on the highway with another car traveling at the same speed as you. This technique that allows more fluidity of the traffic and less consumption requires a lot of your attention to keep an ideal distance with the vehicle ahead.

Chery offers a solution at the Beijing Motor Show with a prototype vehicle capable of attaching itself to another car - the @ANT could be the solution to many problems of congestion and traffic.

This solution also called platooning is already under tests by Volvo and other concepts have also integrated this technology (EO by DFKI and GM EN-V).

Chery_@ANT_platooning (2).JPG  

The @ANT is more than just an (electric) vehicle. It is a collective mode of transportation as it would automatically connect several cars heading in the same direction.

Users would only have to enter their destination in the onboard computer, and then start to “merge” with other vehicles traveling in the same direction.

The @ANT could revolutionize mobility -but only on expressway because it is hard to imagine the "wagon" in a modern city ...

Article by Jeremi Michaux
Par Technologic Vehicles
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