(VIDEO) Piaggio MP3 Hybrid 300ie, the first plug-in hybrid scooter: 1.7l/100km and 40 g/km, price from 8549€

Being the first series production three-wheel scooter and the first scooter to feature hybrid powertrain just isn’t enough! The Piaggio MP3 Hybrid 2012 is making a demo in the streets of a city that is well known to our team...
01 MP3 Hybrid 300ie.jpg 
The 300cm3 hybrid version allows very interesting sport and eco performances.
Indeed, its acceleration is similar to a 400cm3 for lower emissions and fuel consumption, while its weight is only 4 kg heavier and price € 150 more expensive.


Only downside the size of the trunk is reduced to house the battery.
The Piaggio MP3 Hybrid is offered at € 8,549 in Europe.

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