The Fisker Karma arrives in France, price from 102300€

Aston Martin, Jaguar and Tesla’d better watch out the Karma lands in France.


We know it, the luxury sector isn’ttouch by the crisis and has set a world record in 2011 with a turnover of 960 billion euros! The automotive market represents ¼ of the total consumption of oil with cars sometimes burning over 20 l of fuel per 100 km.

In comparison, the Fisker Karma is a camel with an homologated average consumption of 2.1l/100km. Simply amazing regarding to the performances it delivers.

Two electricmotors, one per axle provide a total power of 403hp. When depleted the batteries are recharged by a 2.0l engine which allows a range of 483km.

In zero-emission mode, the car can travel over 80 km thanks to a lightweight chassis made of aluminum. 

Its roof houses solar panels to charge the batteries offering a theorical 300 km per year emission free. Inside the wood used comes from trees that have not cut and seats are made of precious fabrics, Fisker bans the use of leather, according to the "animal-free" standard.

The only car available in the catalog right now is the Karma, but it should soon be joined by its little sister the Atlantic which has been unveiled at the 2012 New York Auto Show.

Regarding its price, it will cost 102300€ in France, but you get a €3,500 discount for the French government. The high price is justified by the technology used and the rarity of the model. Only five models are assembled every week in Valmet’s Finnish asssemby line.

After Tesla whose electric cars are recognized for their qualities, the new comer Fisker, hopes to take a place in this eco-luxury sector.

Article par Jeremi Michaux traduit par H. Le Flanchec
Par Technologic Vehicles
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