(VIDEO) FIM e-Power, opening race of the season at the Bol d'Or won by Muench Racing

Update of April 15th article with a new video

This weekend was held the first round of the FIM e-Power Championship, an opening stage at the Bol d'Or (Magny-Cours), Matthias Himmelman, 2011 titleholder took the lead riding the 2012 version of its electric race motorcycle, the Münch Racing TTE2 .0, standing in front of his new teammate Katja Poensgen (former champion in 250cm3).

FIM_e-POwer_2012_Bol-d-or (4).jpg 

Despite the low number of participants (the other teams are expected later this year) Matthias Himmelman on his TTE 2.0 gave the best of himself. Matthias's experience and knowledge of the machine made the difference with a 30 seconds gap in the end between Katja and him.

The TTE 2.0 that we presented in December 2011 is a 220kg electric monster with a 350V / 40Ah battery pack.

FIM_e-POwer_2012_Bol-d-or (8).jpg 
FIM_e-POwer_2012_Bol-d-or (6).jpg

"We are quite satisfied with this result, after a winter spent on development and testing. Our goal was to improve our performance through better management of the batteries. Having two riders in the team allows us to obtain more information for our development program." Matthias Himmelman

"I really enjoyed this race. The feeling with the bike is completely different than when I was running in 250 GP. I have to use my brain, she said, smiling. The race is very tactical, you must observe your opponents while managing battery life." Katja Poensgen

On this occasion Muench (or Münch) confirmed to be working on a series electric bike by 2014!

FIM_e-POwer_2012_Bol-d-or (5).jpg 

In third place we find Christian Amendt with the EPO Racing Team and a bike that is "slightly" different: the EPO Bike is a 99kg machine powered with a 90 V/60Ah battery. A new electric motor is being developed and may equip the bike from in June this season.


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