(VIDEO) 11km under the sea: James Cameron overtakes Richard Branson (Deep Sea Challenger)

While Richard Branson announced a record attempt last April at a depth of 11.000metres in the Mariana trench, the deepest point in the ocean...

James Cameron took the lead, he has just completed the first solo dive at a depth of 11km, exploring the trench for more than three hours.

This adventure called Deep Sea Challenger is supported by National Geographic and Rolex. With Cameron brhind the camera we could soon discover a stunning documentary or the scene of a next Avatar.

Note also the link with Solar Impulse:
The father of the project’s founder, Bertrand Piccard had already set the record with a teammate in 1960 at a depth of 11km! Being a pioneer adventurer, it must be in the genes of the Piccard family.

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