(VIDEO) PSA updates its Twizy competitor, VELV 2.0, towards a production vehicle?

Revealed in world premiere at the ADEME Innovation Forum 6 months ago, the Vélv is a light urban electric vehicle that surfs on the micro-cars wake.

Although it is still as simple technology demonstrator, the drivetrain is working, therefore PSA would only have to put a price and decide which brand would sell…

Compared to the Renault Twizy, it offers an additional seat, a real trunk (30 liters for the Twizy) and a passenger compartment 100% enclosed, if it sees production it should be priced above the Twizy (from € 6990 to the 45kph version and € 7690 for the version 80kph).
Performance lean more in favor of the Vélv offering more power and a top speed of 110kph which would make it (in theory) highway capable.

A version 2.0 with a design that evolves – is an interesting sign: the project is more than a "one-off” concept !
Through this concept PSA highlights the work of subcontractors that you can see below.

The 2.0 Vélv gets more visibility with now a back glass, whereas the previous version didn’t have any.
VELV_2.jpgPSA_VELV_2011 (3).jpg 

Two elements are also modified, the interior is optimized to provide more space and its construction uses lightweight materials to reduce weight (fiberglass, polyester, aluminum and thermoformed plastic).


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