(VIDEO) SCI HyMOD, a modular hybrid city car concept that welcomes 6 passengers for € 25,500

The SCI hyMOD is a modular concept of eco-vehicle, it can accommodate either a 100% electric or hybrid range extender module.


The base of the vehicle remains the same, a versatile 4.1m long and 1.68 high urban vehicle, wih minivan lines to maximize interior space.

Two rows of three seats accommodate up to 6 passengers or alternatively offer a larger storage space thanks to the 2/3 1/3 foldable back seat- storage space that is added to the 250l trunk located on the front-end.

hyMOD_Concept (4).jpg 

The powertrains in detail

The basic vehicle features a 42kW (57hp) electric motor placed on the front axle, it drives the front wheels and is powered by a 5kWh battery-pack, its peak weight with the heaviest module is 1400kg.

Then the modules take place on the rear axle. According its needs the driver can choose the "battery pack" or "engine pack" module that includes an internal combustion engine used in parallel hybrid.

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These modules are interchangeable in a special center called "hyMOD STATION" where you can switch between a full electric, and range extender hybrid vehicle!

Full electric module:
17kWh battery feeding a 65hp and 200Nm electric motor, top speed of 130kph for a range going from 140 to 180km.

Hybrid with range extender:
82hp engine coupled to a continuously variable transmission (CVT). Combined output of 150 hp, 0 to 100kph under 10 seconds and top speed of 170kph with a consumption below 5l/100km for a 600km range with a 35l tank.
hyMOD_Concept (5).jpg 
The price announced is without the modules that will be rented.

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