Geneva 2012: a French electric vehicle concept, Volteis by Starck! (V+)

This is a preview, the brand Volteis known for their cute electric 4x4 which comes in two versions X2 VS2 and X4 VS2, they will unveil a minimalist concept-car at the Geneva Motor show "Less and more"!

"I wanted to offer an alternative. A different answer so we can return to the minimalist definition of a vehicle. A simple vehicle. Almost a breeze. With four wheels. A steering wheel. And electricity. A vehicle there to transport. To carry people and luggages." 
Philippe Starck.

A first for the designer, who previously designed all kind of objects and vehicles but no electric car.


More information coming soon but for now, here's a first teaser and some comprehensive information on the current Volteis models: available without license (in propulsion) and with license (4WD) that can climb slopes up to 50%!
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