Geneva 2012: reveal of Renault Zoe’s series model (+ Zoe 2.0 in 2014)

Teased for almost four years now, the Zoe that got announced by a concept, then preview version will finally be revealed as a series model at the Geneva Auto Show.


Initially, it will be sold from October 2012 with a battery that will allow -as planned- 160km, but the 2.0 generation is already in the works with a range doubled for 2014 (350km precisely), thanks to a new generation of batteries; technology undisclosed now, but Renault abandoned its investments in Lithium Manganese since the construction of their plant has been canceled.

Renault_Zoe_preview (5).jpg 

Although no statement is made in this direction, the other models of Renault ZE’s range should also benefit from this technological advance by 2014 and probably also the Nissan Leaf.

The Zoe will be offered at a price around € 15,000 (certainly after government grant and battery rental excluded).

Renault_Zoe_preview (5).jpg

The press days of the 2012 Geneva Motor Show start on March 5, more information will be revealed then.

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