(VIDEO) Electric SUV: Tesla Model X official reveal

Here is the long awaited model with its "Falcon" doors, the design of the Model X is very close to the one of Model S, both front and rea end.


The "Falcon" doors are like Gullwing doors that fold in the middle to reduce their footprint.

Tesla’s electric SUV weighs 10% more than the Model S -on which it is based at 60% - but the 0 to 100kph remains announced in under 5 seconds (Performance model)

Tesla_Model_X (6).jpg 

Three versions, back-wheel drive, four-wheel drive and finally the 4 wheel drive performance model (with a motor on each axle) which crowns the range.

Two choices for the battery pack 60 or 85kWh, the maximum range is listed around 300 miles (482km) for price ranging from $57,400 to $ 90,000 government grant excluded, production will begin in 2013.

Tesla_Model_X (7).jpg 

Elon Musk also teased the Project Blue Star and announced a reveal within 18 to 24 months.

Opening of the reservations today

Awaiting for the official video, here is the first images of the Model X in motion.

Photos Via NY Times

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