Catecar, the micro electric car with range extender from Switzerland

Vehicle created in the framework of the project « Swiss Green High Tech Urban Vehicle » the first Catecar prototype started initial tests tested Catecar from today on the tarmac of Geneva airport.

Integrator of technologies developed by local universities, the Catecar is a rolling laboratory, these first tests will be used to validate powertrain: electric with a range extender, a motor/generator that consumes only 1l per 100km for range announced between 400 to 500 km!


Its innovative structure is based on an aluminum honeycomb chassis and a bio fiber body. Still to minimize the weight it loads only 35kg of batteries and has a total weight of 350kg only!

Finally, this micro city car of 3m by 1.5m and 1.45m is equipped with solar panels on the roof.
Pre-production will begin in April 2012 from production in 2013, built locally and at an affordable price!

To be continued ...

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