(VIDEO) Hiriko: MIT’s folding electric car set for production in 2013

Spanish initiative by Afypaida and Denokinn in collaboration with the MIT (that's why the concept looks familiar...) Hiriko is a folding vehicle which will be launched next year for mobility services (car sharing) but also the public, to reduce the congestion generated by automobiles in the urban landscape.

Few details are available on the Hiriko, we just know that it will have four-wheel drive and its weight should be limited to 730kg for a price of € 12,500.


The project is now headed by Armando Gaspar, an engineer who chaired the Daimler industrial center in Spain from 2004 to 2007, he ensures an optimal development of the project.

This prototype will be used for homologation before production starts in 2013.
Test fleet will be introduced this autumn in the U.S. and Europe.

Photo via TheGuardian 

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