(VIDEO) An electric car that loves the cold! (Made in Hokkaido)

Electric vehicles are quite sensitive to cold temperatures, with loss of autonomy up to over 30% depending on the technologies. Two main reasons for this, the batteries are designed to operate optimally at a specific temperature, then heating the vehicle itself strongly pumps on the battery...

In this case, this vehicle is different, it is an electric conversion of a Suzuki Jimny. It features an LPG range-extender (generator) and aims to minimize the impact of cold with a specific insulation of the vehicle, then the headlights are LED to consume the least energy possible.


Currently being tested in Sapporo, this electric vehicle developed by the Hokkaido Institute of Technology, in partnership with eight local companies, is dubbed "Made In Hokkaido Electric Vehicle." It is specially designed as an electric utility vehicle in cold regions.

Its performance and characteristics are not revealed yet.
The "Made In Hokkaido" will be exhibited at Sapporo Expo to be held from February 17 to 19th.

Via Gas 2.0 
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