(VIDEO) 15% of the Autolibs back in the garage?

Vandalism, failure, accidents ...
Barely one month after the official launch of electric car sharing service in Paris, 15% of the fleet (250 vehicles) regularly returns to the Vaucresson head-quarter.

Several reasons:

-A 100% new vehicle, with no real testing phase or manufacturer knowledge behind and supply problems for parts that do not come out of mass production.
-A urban use not always respectful, broken mirrors and lights etc ...
-A fragile interior according to several journalists.
-A completely new service that has to be tested 

Returns can also be explained by the precautionary principle applied by Bolloré Group, as the car comes out of the circuit for a simple broken lights, due road safety reasons and to provide users vehicles always in optimal conditions.

The result is a lack of vehicles at some stations, and a financial and environmental cost for the service ...

Fortunately the New Year's Eve was not fatal to the service with only minor damages reported.
At the moment the cold (batteries do not really like the cold, and driving without ABS may be dangerous ...) does not really come into play in those returns and let’s hope it remains like this for Autolib…

Source Figaro/BFM TV 
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