Kia Ray EV: launch of Korea’s first electric vehicle (+price)

This is a first for Kia, they announced today the launch of their first electric series vehicle. It's also a surprise because at the moment Kia had only presented electric concepts (Pop, Naimo ..) and already sells an hybrid model in the United States (Optima), but we expected the Venga EV in 2012 not the small electric Van Ray EV.


The CUV Kia Ray EV offers a range of 139km (86miles) thanks to its 16.4kWh Lithium Polymer battery that accepts fast charging takes (takes only 25 minutes). A 50kW (68hp) motor drives the front wheels and offers a maximum speed of 130kph.

With 187kg extra compared to its gasoline equivalent, and despite the high torque of the electric motor (167Nm), the 0-100kph takes 15.9 seconds, in short it's not a preformance vehicle but a small car, fun and functional which should please the local authorities and public companies in Korea for which 2500 units are planned in 2012.

Kia_Rey_EV (2).jpgKia_Rey_EV (3).jpg 

For added security, the Kia Ray EV will be fitted with a system called Vess (Virtual Engine Sound System) operating at up to 20kph forward or backward, using a sound based on the one of a petrol engine.

The Ray EV is priced at 45 million Won or 29950€ (39105$) at today's exchange rate
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