(VIDEO) NAIAS 2012: after the ML, AMP will launch an electric Jeep Grand Cherokee

On May 11 we were announcing a contract between Amp and the company Northern Lights Energy, the American company AMP Electric Vehicles, specializing in electrification of big SUVs, will launch in Detroit a conversion of the Jeep Grand Cherokee.

Pricing will be revealed at the show -but referring to today’s news with the public revelation of the final price of the Tesla Model S ($ 57,400 before government grants) $ 49,900 after deduction- Mr. Burns, President of Amp announced a competitive price.


The Grand Cherokee will receive a 37kWh battery offering 160km (100miles) of range, the development of this vehicle allowed to operate synergies with the technology developed for the ML, as the two vehicles are using the same powertrain.

The company Amp hopes to gain market share with fleet market by offering conversions of existing vehicles.
Regarding the deal with NLE, it is pending, awaiting for a law that will remove import taxes on electric vehicles.

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