(VIDEO) Honda Uni-Cub: personnal electric mobility by Honda (evolution of the U3-X)

In September 2009 Honda revealed a concept of personal electric transportion, the U3-X, very aesthetic but presumably and not easy to use nor comfortable...

A few weeks ago, even before the Tokyo Motor Show, they quietly revealed its evolution with a prototype called Uni-Cub on the Twin Ring Motegi race-track.


The Uni-Cub seems easier to use and closer to a marketable version.
It uses the same HOT Drive System (Omnidirectional wheel), the major wheel is made of smaller ones (like rings), they allow it to move sideways, diagonally, etc. ...


Developed by Honda-Robotics the Uni-Cub can be controlled by your body or via a joystick, the main part of the Uni-Cub is made of carbon fiber, it welcomes the battery and other electronic components.

Few information is available on the prototype, as the brand did not reveal any press release on it... For the record, the U3-X weighed less than 10kg and its Lithium Ion battery gave it 1 hour of range.

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