(VIDEO) O2 Pursuit: prototype of the Australian compressed air motorcycle revealed

After the Saline Airstream that came to life a few days ago, here is another example of a compressed air motorcycle that actually runs.

On February 6, we presented what was then just a concept of eco-friendly motorcycle.
Created by Dean Benstead from RMIT University it won the Melbourne Design Awards in 2010.


For once, this beautiful project came to life in a prototype that keeps the original aesthetics from the first sketchs, it has been revealed during the Motorcycle and Scooter Show in Sydney end of November.


Take a motocross geometry that comes from a 250cc Yamaha WR250R provided by Yamaha Australia (that explains the logos) a Di Pietro engine, a scuba tank and here is the result, a speed of 140kph, recharge in two minutes and no notion of obsolescence and life cycle as for the batteries! Compressed air, the future of clean mobility?

Discover the O2 Pursuit prototype below
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