(VIDEO) Hybrid Crossover: VW Cross Coupé, the future tech of VW’s SUVs?

At the Tokyo Motor Show VW introduced a hybrid crossover-coupe concept, dubbed Cross Coupé it offers four-wheel drive with record fuel economy and emissions.

On the design side, the Cross Coupé is the work of Walter de Silva and Klaus Bischoff, it presents the new stylistic directions of the brand with sculptural lines and a front end that evolves. With 4.35m long it fits between the Golf and the Tiguan.

VW_Cross_Coupe_Plug-in_SUV (11).jpg

Just as the PX-MiEV II presented a few hours ago the VW Cross Coupe has three engines, one TSI petrol engine and two electric ones different powers, they are placed on the front and rear axles.

At the front, the TSI engine that develops 110kW (149ch) and 210Nm, is associated to a 40kW and 180Nm electric motor, the other electric motor placed on the rear axle offers 85kw and 270Nm. The electric motor can also be used as generator by the gasoline engine.

The combination of this powertrain allows to announce fuel economy of 2.7 l/100km (87mpg) for emissions of just 62g/km, with a total power of 195kW (265ch) authorizing a 0 to 100kph 7 sec and a top speed of 201kph (limited at 120kph in electric mode only). The transmission is a 7-speed DSG gearbox.

VW_Cross_Coupe_Plug-in_SUV (11).jpgVW_Cross_Coupe_Plug-in_SUV (11).jpg

Three driving modes City, Sport and Offroad with specific instruments that appear on the dashboard.
In the electric-mode only (also available) a 45km range can be achieved thanks to a 9.8kWh Litihum Ion battery.

The Cross Coupé welcomes 4 people, its 380l trunk can be stretched to 1230l with the back seats folded.
Its weights 1748kg (with a full tank of 55l) its maximum range is therefore a theorical 855km with full batteries.

Hybrid technology (and evenmore plug-in) clearly looks like the future of 4x4 ...
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